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  • eviltobz  6 Jul 2006 13:37:27 2,609 posts
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    Whizzo wrote:
    Bunch of ponces!

    Villainy is where it's at, I shall laugh over your bodies in Recluse's Victory!

    hah, no way old friend (said in a charles xavier to magneto kinda way) there is no chance of you standing over my body. erm, cos i'm scared of pvp zones and don't go in em. oh, and i still don't have a high enough level toon for that zone either...

    sleepy, is that your global chat handle? mine is @eviltobz. bung us a chat some time and i'll see if i have something useful to team with you. i've got a lvl 33 or 34 or so en/en blaster, a lvl 20 claws regen scrapper and a lvl 9 kin/elec defender on deviant as my main toons.
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