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    kentmonkey wrote:
    Maf wrote:
    I've got a promo (disc, no instructions to speak of) copy of Justice League Heroes PSP that specifically says 'Not For Re-Sale!!' therefore perfect to pass on here.

    I've not got a PSP so it's no good to me, I'd rather have the warm charitable glow.

    Any takers?

    Hell bloody yes please. That would indeed be great, was going to get the XBOX version but would prefer the PSP version (didn't even though there was one) as it's ideal for the train journeys.

    Commuting FTL...extra gaming hours while commuting FTW!

    Send me your address, mail's in the profile.

    Might take me the best part of a week to get round to it, the Mrs goes in for a Caesarean tomorrow...we're both taking our DS's in case of delays!
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