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    Well, 6 hours of playback sounds like a lot to me, especially considering you'll only have about two hours worth of music in those 128 MBs. As for the AAA battery, there are AAA rechargebles (my player uses two), though I am not sure if you can just drop them in as a replacement, the voltage might be different or something.

    AnotherMartin: Mame emulator sounds swell, but if anything I'd rather get a Zaurus 5500 (PDA, not smartphone), for which there is a - get this - port of ScummVM, an emulator to run the old Scumm system adventure games. That means you can play Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and so on on the PDA, including MP3'd voice overs if you're so inclined. W-o-w. :)
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