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    mowgli wrote:
    You ever do something for an exam which is perfectly within the rules but feel like a bit of a cheating bastard for it?

    Accounting exam tomorrow and it is open book. We are allowed to 'annotate' the book. So I have taken the liberty to draw out fully fleshed out Balance sheets, Profit and Loss accounts, ETBs, partnership adjustments etc. all over the thing wherever there is half a blank page or something. All these things are of course in the book, but apparently (I wasn't at the class so didn't know this till today) the teachers have these things laid out slightly differently from the book, hence me putting in my own examples. What I'm doing is perfectly fine, and most people I have spoken to are doing the same, but I still feel like a cheating bastard for it. Guess I'm just used to damn closed book exams.
    Open book exams are already like cheating, so I don't think a bit more will do any difference :)
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