#98609, By Moonbender Tech Help needed - Windows XP refuses to accept old Nvidia drivers

  • Moonbender 29 Jun 2003 15:12:07 407 posts
    Seen 7 years ago
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    No idea, really, but did you uninstall the previous drivers before installing the new, er, old ones? That's a recommended thing to do before changing Detonators. You can uninstall them using Add/Remove Software - I don't know the German name off-hand but you'll manage ;) - in the control panel.

    Another thing, did you ever run your card with 30 series drivers? Maybe it's not supposed to work, after all the 30 series drivers are rather old and your card is rather new. So maybe Windows isn't lying when it's saying those are no drivers for your card. Seems a bit unlikely tho.
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