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    Hunam wrote:
    So, I finally got around to getting this, mostly due to this thread. When Fable 1 first came out, I didn't have an Xbox, I waited for the PC release, hated it after a day and sold it the next. Never thought about it again. Then all this hubub because of the second one. At first I didn't care, but the praise was too great. I ended up downloading Fable on XBLA just to see if I should find the extra cash for the sequal. 12 hours later and I completed the original and very much loved it. Had no idea why I didn't get on with it in the first place, so the second was bought.

    So, having finished Fable 2 once, and about halfway through my second runthrough because of my stupid decision to choose the good of the many ... godammit, and in doing so losing my you know what and still absolutely loving it, would there be any point in picking up the first Fable? Or will it be a letdown after F2? I saw it in a 2nd hand shop today for 99 bucks (about 7 UK Pounds).
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