#1019960, By barnard666 Condemned = Killing Simulator

  • barnard666 18 Nov 2005 11:30:00 27 posts
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    I am an adult, I would hate to see any sort of censorship in place, I think if developers go too far people wont buy it. This game looks fun, the enemies even though "human" are more like creepy monsters.

    For me the whole reason I play videogames is to experience things outside my everyday life that I would never be able to do, whether that be hitting a swift 18 holes at st. andrews, exploring the mysteries of Ico, or feeling the threat of an army of murderers, I accept that these things are only parodies of real life, I can get 10 under par on the st andrews course in links 04, the game however has not taught me anything about how to play a real game of golf! just as killing a terrifying characature of a human in condemned will not make me think, oh that was satisfying I'll go try it on a homeless bum for real.

    next you'll be saying that slayer (the metal band) should make sure their music only goes so fast, and only uses a certain ratio of dark lyrics.

    censorship is wrong, people should be allowed freedom of choice. It leads to the old argument: are people influenced by the media they take in, or are people who already have morality issues simply drawn to dark imigary. Do these things act as a catylist for these people to commit morally questionable acts? or would they have done it anyway....I can only see it from my perspective and that is when I kill someone in a game it has no relevance in the real world.

    excuse my spelling playing computer games has made me retarded...or so you might believe.
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