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  • barnard666 23 Nov 2005 12:58:04 27 posts
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    Amazon. well they dont seem to be capable of updating their pre orders, mine says its coming on the 28th of nov! (when they first were taking preorders that was the estimated date) however I have no idea if I'll get one from them or not...absolutely the last time I order anything I actually want from amazon! I have one coming from gameplay though so I am happy enough!

    as for what I ordered (if thats what this thread is about?) -
    PDZ 0
    wired controller
    charge and play
    2 X 360 premium, 1 X core (I expect only 1 to come then I'll cancell the rest! if more come I have friends who weren't so lucky)

    games to buy before xmas -
    call of duty -
    then maybe NFS...
    but after playing the kong demo, it certainly will not be that no-way hose...it sucks eggs.
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