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    wambam wrote:
    I preordered on August 18th and this is what it says in my order list

    "Items not yet dispatched:
    Delivery estimate: 28 Nov 2005 - 29 Nov 2005"

    Obviously not received it yet. Interestingly up till yesterday there was a note against my order that read

    "These items will arrive no later than 24 Dec 2005"

    but last night it disappears.

    Has that happened to anyone else?

    I ordered on the 18th of august too, and yes my "delivered by xmas" thing has gone, I did actuallly phone them today, they were very very vague, the woman couldnt tell me whether I was getting one, whether amazons distribution centres had actually recieved stock, or even what day they were shipping it on, she said it might even be as late as monday, well I have a core pack coming, so if the premium hasnt shippied by saturday I'll cancel the thing and stick with the core....amazon sucks eggs when it comes to pre orders.

    although I must add they have dispatched my copy of perfect dark!

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