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    DaM wrote:

    Went into the car this morning to find the sweets I keep in the central box thing all over the passenger seat- quiz son about it, then check the glove compartment - iPod gone!!! I think it was unlocked in the driveway between 8 and 10.30 - some scrote has nipped in, checked the boot (it was open) and nicked it.

    /launches Sharia Law petition

    My lunch (soup) spilled on the car seat on the way in (I was probably driving a bit aggressively, due to iPod theft rage).

    My wife's grandmother had a stroke last night, and is looking 50/50 - which is bad enough, but we are going on holiday next week with her parents, not sure if that is going ahead now.

    We have a baby scan tomorrow, really hope our luck improves....

    Anyone having a worse day?

    I think I almost broke a nail earlier...

    Seriously, bet of luck with your gran.. =/

    I've had worse days for sure, but had a shitty night due to my son's all-too-frequent migraines (he's 6) late last night/early this morning - which has ruined my day with headache (possible worsened by my allergy to grass-pollen).. Doctors are clueless about what to do about his migraines other than keep him on medicin everyday 24/7 which really isn't a nice thing... =/

    Argh.. just read some replies that were made while I typed.. Tough luck about the miscarriage and having trouble with your company.. =(

    - and best of luck with the exam results...
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