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    Seeing as the play one is so popular I thought what about us poor amazon users!

    so I preordered mine on the 18th, my order still says nothing, my seperate order for PDZ0 has said processing for 2 days!

    so I phoned them yesterday (they do have a customer service tel#, I know its no where to foiund on their site, I had to google search for it!) the very nice person sadly couldnt help me, she had no idea how many they had, or when they'd be shipping, she said stock would get to the distribution centres and be shippeed out from there....she said to call again on monday if it hadnt shipped!, my response was if it hadnt shipped by then I'd cancel it and go with the core pack I have coming from game.

    Amazon are ass when it comes to preordering.

    another thing to note, if you edit your order in anyway, i.e. change shipping preferences, combine orders or whatever the amazon site gives you a new order number, which puts you to the back of the cue regardless of when you placed the original order, thankfully I already knew about that so hadnt done it...

    so I have this theory, someone else posted this -

    "Amazon seem to have shipped my Xbox Premium pre-order, but haven't yet emailed me about it.

    I ordered it on the 24th August. However, the Wireless controller and PDZ limited edition I ordered on the 8th September don't seem to have been dispatched yet. "

    so I am slightly suspicious that the consoles all ended up in one or 2 distro centers, and that those people in those areas are getting amazons entire allocation. leaving some of us screwed! if anyone knows any different I'd like to know. I live in the bournemouth area, but I dont know where the nearest amazon distribution place is, London? anyway anyone in the south actually got a console from amazon that says it's being shipped??

    last time I ever preorder anything with amazon....ever!
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