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  • barnard666 1 Dec 2005 23:48:05 27 posts
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    yup thats happened to me.
    I dont entirely blame MS for amazons incompetence, as I say I oredered a core wit game long after the amazon order and that has shipped + I had loads of emails keeping me up to date, amzon just dont give a damn, their business is based on being the cheapest place in the uk, and little else, makes me ashamed for my 5 years of buying everything from them...but I guess thats why they are the cheapest, crap customer service, understaffed distribution centres, no organisation...but my revolution and PS3 wont come from there...no way jose.....spansih you see J become H like halepeno....shit jalepeno....ohh who knows...its late I have no 360 and I am drunk...sorry no sane posts from me this evening...

    I am expecting these noards to go dark tomorrow when everyone gets their consoles.....
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