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    mcmonkeyplc wrote:
    I loved the reboot when I first watched it. Mainly cause I was just so damn glad to have Star Trek back in any form.

    However the more I watch it, the more it's just another action film. Please remember I'm not saying it's a shit film, it's not it's just not up to what I think Star Trek should be.

    To sum up my feelings the below quote grated with me.
    You understand what the Federation is, don't you? It's important. It's a peacekeeping and humanitarian armada...
    It's Starfleet you cumguzzling twat! :p
    I still enjoy it when re-watching and I agree it's not up to what Star Trek should be but I think making it a film with more action was the right move, the buzz coming out of the film was something I hadn't felt in a long time, it just needs to come back a bit now to what ST is about.

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