#9564057, By New Star Trek

  • Deleted user 12 May 2013 17:47:37
    I get the impression there is no realistic treatment of the tech.

    They just use the tech or reinvent it to suit the plot, patch plot holes and keep it moving.

    I feel JJ Abrams is the worse thing to happen to trek to be honest.

    the casting is actually spot on its the scripting and action at all cost directing which drowns the Trek essence out. Sometimes lets just have the cast having time to breath and interact, rather than flying here there and everywhere at 100 miles an hour.

    The whole reboot issue feels confused I don't think Abrams knows what to do with the new Trek world. Either reinvent the timeline completely or adjust it and play homage.

    Either way its sci-fi for the American teenage masses and rather half arsed.
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