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    LeoliansBro wrote:
    Yesterday's Enterprise: the past was changed and the universe in the future immediately changed too. No parallel, no alternative, Worf disappeared and Tasha reappeared and everything was different. Only Guinan even noticed.

    Coming at it from another angle: your 'parallel universe' suggestion would also mean that it was possible for Tasha to return to the dark, gritty Battleship Enterprise of Yesterday's Enterprise. So if you insist on this interpretation then there's a universe out there where Riker takes a metal sliver to the neck and Picard gets proper blown to pieces, and that's all she wrote for them. It rather undermines the point (not to mention the impact) of that episode, no?
    I agree with u, I think Orci and Kurtzman are full of BS unfortunately some dimwit put them in charge

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