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    LeoliansBro wrote:
    Then why is this a special situation? Why, given nothing in the film, nothing in anything else we've seen from Trek, nothing other than the placatory gestures offered by a couple of consultants, should we assume that this very special case, this unique accident somehow preserves the old universe when nothing else that ever happened with time travel does not.

    Also preserves while making inaccessible and irrelevant, which kind of bypasses the whole thing.
    Mainly because thats what Orci and Kurtzman have said/written, How I make sense of its special status for me is that it was a parallel universe to begin with, and lets say it was very similar to that of the prime universe, Nero traveled to that universe and altered its events overwriting the identical prime universe future that this alternate reality was original destined for.

    Now there is the question as to if time travel was even involved at all as the JJverse could merely exist with a temporal offset to that of the prime universe and if that is the case then the 24th prime and 23rd JJ verses could be linked (possibly using the Bajoran wormhole as its been used to link the Prime with the mirror universe) bringing relevance back to the franchise and make me happy in the process

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