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    Caught this last night. Very different pacing to the first film in places, but it hit a lot of the right character beats. Throwaway plot, sadly, and while the bad guy was interesting he was never really developed to anything like the degree he could've been. Even Eric Bana was given more screen time to establish motivations in the first one.

    While cheesy as fuck (and signposted from the moment Dr. Marcus made an appearance) I sort of liked the reversal of the original WoK death scene and all that jazz surrounding it.

    Can't help but feeling that rolling out Nimoy for a short turn in this one was just getting him in one more movie before popping his clogs. :(

    It's all too easy to misremember the older Trek movies as bastions of scientific accuracy and deeper meaning, but let's not forget that Kirk ultimately defeated Khan by remembering that space was three di-fucking-mensional. The franchise is no stranger to pulling shit like that, so the contrivances in the reboot movies don't bother me as much in that regard. :)

    Into Darkness felt like a super high budget 'episode' in the movie franchises, which is bad in a way, but I must confess to enjoying how they're playing out some of the alternate reality stuff. It's a nice workaround to not having a TV series to riff off of.

    I'll happily queue up for more, if only to see how many more references to old movies and episodes they can cram in there.

    Tribbles can get fucked, though.

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