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    Just watched 'The House I Live In' doc. It was really good.

    Covered so much, but I can't help feeling they could have made another hour out of the last 10 minutes (the 'slow motion holocaust' argument of demonisation-incarceration-concentration-extermination).

    I am sure the powers that be in the US are not intentionally trying exterminate the poor. But the forced labour in US prisons is pretty messed up:

    Arizona law requires that all able-bodied prisoners work: Here's their website if you fancy a 10-50 cents an hour career change

    As the venerable Stephen Fry put it "if you were so minded you could almost say they have re-instated the slave trade: 100% of military helmets, bullet proof vests and other items of military clothing; 93% of domestically produced paints; 36% of home appliances; 21% of office furniture" manufactured in the US are produced by prison labour...

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