#1091702, By barnard666 Geom wars evolved - like it ?

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    OK wabe, I'll add you, (my tag is Rockzilla) I managed the pacifist but it was really hard, I still feel like I suck, but its mainly due to those unbelievable achievements, "survive 1 million" no way!!!

    it is an amzing game, I just sit there for ages playing it, I am starting to get frustrated by it now though seeing as I cant seem to get the 500K achievement, last night I scored 470K!

    when I first played it I said to myself, if I can survive 250K then I'll have done enough and will go and play something else...but I just keep on going back to it...

    I also purchased joust which is awesome although I am sure its harder than it used to be...gauntlet, which is OK, and then that kaloki outpost thing, its kind of a mini sim city its pretty good, not mind blowing but worth it if you get bored over xmas and can't be bothered to go out and buy yourself a new game! I am just wondering what happens when you buy enough content to fill your HD! in 3 - 4 years time I can see that happening with live arcade/patches/premium content....

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