#1324418, By Leela Driving Test - HUMBUG!

  • Leela 19 Apr 2006 10:32:34 485 posts
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    passing 4th time ftw! 4's me lucky number!

    first time, I wasn't ready, second time a stupid mistake got me a dangerous fault 5 mins into the test, or was that the third? I forget... Anyway, the last test was at a different centre and I thought I'd failed as it was rush hour and due to traffic, I didn't do any 40mph limit roads. During my reverse around a corner, I had to restart so many times due to parents crossing with their kids on the way to school, so the examiner said "don't worry about them, just keep going slowly and they'll get out of the way!".. so I did. Couldn't believe it when he said I'd passed!

    I got really, really nervous before each of my tests, and for my last, I took some bach's rescue remedy. I really think it helped me, even if it is a placebo effect. It was worth it!

    Good luck to you all!
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