#7379991, By teh_MBK Duke Nukem Forever ever?

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    dsmx wrote:
    Forever isn't for newbies it's for people who hoped and prayed over the 14 years or so that it would come out, personally I can't think what else people were expecting from duke. If your looking for a compelling story or fantastic graphics or for a game filled with any subtlety whatsoever your looking at the wrong game.

    Like I said, nostalgia buy at best. If I was a "newbie" I probably wouldn't buy it, purely from my experience with Bulletstorm. I still play the original duke, but only cause I old-school shooters are different in terms of how they feel and play and I enjoy the simplicity. Although Bulletstorm, and this I'd imagine, play on that simplicity, I still found Bulletstorm to be too different to scratch my old-school itch and it didn't really offer anything further to make me want to go back.

    In the end, I guess there's nothing that compares to shotguns in older FPSs. "Zombie! *BOOM..che-che*".
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