#8376549, By Inquisitor Duke Nukem Forever ever?

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    Have played and completed the DLC (Doctor Who cloned me). 800 points is perhaps a little steep but it's a good 4 hours or so long (and considering I picked up the full game for 6 I don't feel that ripped off).

    If you didn't like the original DNF you won't like this. It's obviously the same engine and they've stuck with all the rules from the main game. So, two weapons only, recharging health and a very slow, considered pace outside of and in between combat.

    Luckily I'm one of the few people who liked DNF and this additional content is essentially a more polished, streamlined and cut down addition to the game. I'm even more exceptional in that I love the slow, adventure-esque hub elements. I find them to be a nice break in the action and there were another couple of these scenes in here.

    Essentially this is pretty worthwhile for anyone who actually liked DNF. For anyone with a passing interest in the game only though I'd wait till the inevitable special offer as it really is just more of the same but more accomplished and coherent.
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