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    Hey guys (or girls - it is the noughties after all),

    I've just 'finally' signed up to Xbox Live last night and can immediately see what the fuss was all about.

    Having given COD 2: BR1 a couple of hours of my time, I can already see many hours in my future wasting away in front of the box.

    Only problem is the only people I found to play with last night were either:

    a) Far too young to have been up at that time
    b) Fifth Columnists of the highest order
    c) Down right annoying (i.e: carrying on a telephone call with a mate about being dumped at the same time - without having the common courtesy to switch the mike to mute...!!!)

    So I'm trying to see who's out there that’s part/knows of a half decent clan (is that what they're called) who might have a game on that I could join.

    Im into most shooters, so let me know...

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