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    Anthony_UK wrote:
    Anyone else having problems just joining or even finding a game to join. The past few nights it just seems to be kicking me straight back out when trying to do either.

    I guessed at the time it was something to do with the multiplayer being sorted, but now the patch is out and is only for single player i guess this ain't the case

    Any ideas...........or am i on my own with this one?

    you could have a strict or moderate NAPT connection. i had this problem if you have a strit NAPT connect you will find it hard to connect to a match. realy you will have a greater sucess by changing it to a open connection. and as far as im aware there are 2 ways to do this.

    simple way would be to change your modem router to a MS recoginsed one. i had this problem. i was using my BT Broadband router, then i changed in to my D-LINK that i got with my xbox live set up pack for old xbox and i had alot more sucess.

    or you couldtry this allought ive not tested in my self.

    modify your firewall to allow network connection to these ports:

    *UDP 88
    *TCP 3074

    or it could just all be down to COD2

    hope this helps
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