#1146908, By oopseh Your new Battlefield 2 home is ready.

  • oopseh 20 Jan 2006 15:47:59 29 posts
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    AnotherMartin wrote:
    Will do. It's not just the GF5 server that does it but the last couple of times I was on there it did seem worse than others I've had problems on. i know I tend to stay off of 64player servers as they seem the worse for it.

    200ms not bad, though i would be tempted to be evil and drop it to 100. >:-} ha ha.

    Anythings good though. Was on a server a while back, laggy as hell and when I looked there where half a dozen or so 400+ pingers. When I asked why they all said 'we're from the US', that doesn't bother me too much but it was a UK server and it was killing it for the rest of us.

    AnotherMartin - We can and will tweak the game so it remains quick for those who have put towards it and the regular users. If this means lowering the ping cut off then we will do that.

    I aint paying for 7800GTXs in SLI to get lag from our American Cousins. (Although I did get kicked from the GF5 Server on Wednesday as NTL did work on my connection...)

    Although it is worth pointing out we do have several German friends and members from our TFCs days who we encourage to play with us. We will have to accomodate those but not anyone from over the pond as yet!
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