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    I finished it in two stints, the first being from 6 pm to 6 am with some interruptions, the other 1 pm to 6 pm at Delta difficulty and boy was I pissed off when it was suddenly over. I ran it at LOW quality except for shaders, object quality and physics which I set to medium and made it barely playable, but playable and more plausible as a gaming reality. Some of you guys can moan all you want about it not being playable at very high quality in high end machines, but I just played and finished the game on a MINIMUM SPEC. (xp2800+/6800GT/1gig) system and I thoroughly enjoyed it, although the storyline isn't really evolving very well leaving the player either too weak or too strong. At some point when entering the valley my hardware couldn't keep up anymore and some textures didn't get rendered in so I got white spots, lol.
    I think that I'll upgrade to next gen hardware when Crysis 2 or H-L2 ep3 comes out, because spending hours gazing at 10-15 fps framerates really fries your brain.

    The biggest problem for the game's AI is that when you're too far away, they don't really take cover once you start shooting from a distance. When a KPA gets killed they all come to look at the body. I killed the entire river patrol (20 kpa?) just lying on a platform at the waterfall (after a close escape using their own smoke for cover). I didn't have any trouble playing it on Delta difficulty, which seems the only right way too play it. The vehicle levels are much too short but fun, I really enjoyed the flying, which reminded me of Terminator: Future Shock.
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