#1159929, By eviltobz  Season 2 of Firefly a possibility?

  • eviltobz  26 Jan 2006 15:30:42 2,609 posts
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    afray wrote:
    Flightrisker wrote:
    /fondly recalls conversation with Kaylee......
    ...Didn't think she was *as* good in the film, mainly because she lost too much weight (why!?). But "that line" she had keeps me warm at night. :-)
    she didn't lose weight for the film, she gained weight for the series. and complained about having to eat so much. some people have all the genetic luck :(

    as for where the series could go, his jossness designed the show to run for about 7 seasons, serenity was based on his season 2 finale. so, 5 seasons more material there then.

    really not likely to happen though. joss has said himself that firefly aint going back to tv. a stupid lot of money would have to be raised to be able to put up suitable levels of funding.
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