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    Is anyone else sick of him (Roger that is) ruining mens tennis yet? He has just won his tenth grandslam, which he did in straight sets. Sure he is a great player but when is he going to move over and give someone else a shot at number one.

    Oh and well done to Serena she did awesome to comeback from last year to win the Aussie Open.

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    Fish30, can I ask, are you a big tennis fan/player, or just a sports fan in general?

    It's just that most people I speak to that moan about certain players dominating are not usually big tennis fans. People used to say the same about Sampras dominating Wimbledon. I don't find Federer boring at all because he's such a joy to watch. Sampras used to make Wimbledon look so easy because he was so proficient. As a tennis player myself I am in awe of players like Sampras & Federer because they do things so well they make it look easy.

    Sorry to dissapoint you but I am a tennis fan and I have played the sport for the last seven years and will hopefully continue playing for many more. Although I dont get to watch many matches since I dont own sky. I mainly just follow the news and tournament draws. This probably explains why I get a bit bored with Federer winning all the time since it isnt often I get to see him play a match. Oh and I obviously dont want Federer to get worse, I just want the other players to step up to his level so there is more competition.
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