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    HitchHiker wrote:
    altitude2k wrote:
    12 miles, no problem! Needn't have worried.
    Impressive. How long did it take you?
    Before Christmas I was half way through the Couch to 5K programme. I went for my first run yesterday, hadn't done anything since November and doing 5 minutes half killed me.
    Can't imagine doing 12 miles :/
    Thanks! Well I run 8 miles every week along with one or two shorter runs of about 4 miles, and even started 8 miles twice a week rather than a shorter run. So I didn't quite go into it green, but having new shoes concerned me a bit.

    Funny thing about the time, I went into it very gently and took my time knowing it was such a jump, but even then it was 1:45 which was not too bad at all! My aim is for the half marathon in that time in just under 3 weeks.

    Legs pretty sore today, but you'll find that once you get to a certain distance you can pretty much just keep going with good shoes.

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