#1172013, By Harpe A blatant plug for a cold thursday morning

  • Harpe 2 Feb 2006 10:14:01 84 posts
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    I won't insult your intelligence by claiming I 'stumbled' across this 'amazing' offer that you might find 'cool'.

    However, as a gamer I really enjoyed Alien Hominid on console and it's not all sickening marketing hyperbole to say that Sheffield-based Tuna have done a very fine job indeed of bringing it to GBA.

    It looks like it really belongs on the Micro for a start.

    Anyway - it's out this friday and, if you fancy a bit of a deal, on ZOO's website the first 50 copies sold come with a free t-shirt - which for 19.99 (free p+p) can't be all bad. Clicky.

    I hope you'll forgive this insidious advert, but I think indie games like this are what keep gaming interesting and for that I'm certainly not apologising ;)

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