#1187762, By eviltobz  "The year of the OS X exploit?"

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    silentbob wrote:
    spindizzy wrote:
    b) is the Software Update tool on OSX worse? It doesn't seem to be, and whilst Apple have sometimes taken a bit long to get fixes out, I'm not sure that means there's anything seriously wrong, other than they've been a bit too blase so far (and have got away with it). I think they can pretty easily ramp up to more regular updates.
    Apparently it's never had to be REALLY tested has it?? ;)

    Seriously though, it will be interesting to see what mass market acceptance does to Apple's cosy niche benefits.
    it may never have been tested by all the osx users grabbing a patch to save them from epidemics of virusy stuff, but a standard install defaults to checking the update weekly and grabbing anything new. this includes full application updates and stuff, so particularly after a steve jobs keynote speech where a new version of itunes and some other bits and bobs get announced everyone'll be diving on-line to grab all the updates and it still works fine. i feel much more comfy with my macs being auto-patched than my pcs.

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