#1188174, By masc.box Help. Cannot connect 360 to laptop

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    stevolution wrote:
    Anybody who can help would be appreciated, I cannot link up my 360 to laptop/notebook. Using media connect (have service pack 2 + MS connect downloaded). When I test settings is passed the network test, then some bull about DHCP server message comes up, what this means in English I do not know. My MS Media Connect does not see any devices, which is due to me not A: Setting right details on Xbox and/or B: Not having the right settings on my notebook. Would appreciate any help out their.

    The Xbox360 has an inbuilt switch on the network adapter - it doesn't matter if you use a crossover cable or a straight through one.

    Try uninstalling media connect and reinstall it again with the Xbox 360 attached.

    If you have a firewall running on your laptop that will stop a connection also. Make sure that the ip address on your laptop for the LAN is set to automatic, as well as the ip address settings on your Xbox 360.
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