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    pete84 wrote:
    Hi. I am new to this and a little new to networking. I am trying to connect my laptop to my 360. I have a main desktop computer and it is connected to a modem and through a wireless router. My laptop and 360 connection is through the wireless router. I have downloaded and installed media connect. I would like to know how to get my 360 nand laptop connected to eachother.

    Can you get connected to Xbox Live ok?

    If so - it shouldn't be a problem - they are both on the same network, it may just be a case of the firewall on the router blocking stuff, what happens when you test media connection in network settings?

    This might be helpful

    Section 4.4 in there.

    Also - you don't wanna have any software firewalls on your laptop - McAfee, Zonealarm, Norton etc.

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