#5681067, By el-pimpz So what've you got on your backlog?

  • el-pimpz 7 Jan 2010 09:35:10 64 posts
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    Currently on AC2 having just finished shadow complex and all fallout 3 DLC

    On the go at the same time are....

    DJ Hero
    MW2 (multi and spec ops)
    Fifa 10
    Banjo Kazooie nuts & bolts 1/2 way and stopped months a go
    Uncharted 2 2nd run through on Hard

    Piled up ready to go

    *Mirrors Edge
    Bionic commando * Sub 5 purchases
    *C&C RED ALERT 3
    I'm sure there is more...

    Want DarkSiders, GTA BOGT , Demon souls & valkyria chronicles

    No doubt all will be dropped for ME2 however.
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