#9471953, By quadfather So what've you got on your backlog?

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    Mine is a bit ridiculous. I even have it on a spreadsheet so I can keep track. (I know I know)

    PC -

    Legend of Grimrock
    Diablo 3
    Dead Space 2
    Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl
    Dark Souls Prepare to Die
    Far Cry 3
    Chivalry: Mediavel Warfare
    System Shock 2 (From Steam)
    System Shock
    Borderlands 2


    Silent Hill Shattered memories
    Metroid Trilogy
    Super Mario Galaxy
    New Super mario bros Wii
    Cursed Mountain
    Donkey Kong Country Wii
    Resident Evil: REMake
    Resident Evil 4
    Project Zero 4 (Need translation)

    PS2 / PS3

    House of the Dead overkill
    Dragon's Dogma
    Uncharted 3
    Silent Hill Downpour
    Silent Hill Homecoming
    Silent Hill 3
    Deus Ex: Human Revolution
    Project Zero 2
    Project Zero 3
    Dead Island
    Heavy Rain
    Assassins Creed Brotherhood
    Demon's Souls
    Bioshock 2 (PS+)
    Borderlands (PS+)
    Red Dead Redemption (PS+)

    And that's just current gen. I've got a slew of stuff on the DC and Snes that I'm going through too, never mind the amiga and c64
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