#1219624, By grimboy Would you ever get married?

  • grimboy 26 Feb 2006 23:30:55 82 posts
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    Well..after 14 years of marriage(and 2 kiddies) grimgirl announced she wants us to seperate....this happened 2 weeks ago and i really don't know what to do about it...It seems life is carrying on as normal, we talk( not argue,funnily enough..) ,look after the kids(who don't know) and generally carry on in this weird limbo.

    Seems she's just fallen out of love with me..no-one else,no bitterness etc and wants to stay freinds and split everything.Meanwhile, I'm slowly falling to bits and am absolutety terrified of the future and what it holds for my family.I find myself in tears when I think of our kids and how this is going to effect them....I really need to speak to someone, but everyone seems so busy and I find it very difficult to speak to anyone of my family cos we are all very close..

    I dunno what's going to happen, it seems pretty much over...I mean even if she had an affair, we could work it out...but if someone has fallen out of love with you what can you do?

    Apparently she's been feeling like this for the last year and I've have been so blind or caught up in my own little world I haven't noticed...

    Anyway, we are still talking, things aren't looking great but I have to try for all our sakes.

    Sorry to put a downer on the thread, I can't believe I've spoken about this on a Gaming Forum but wtf...

    By all means get married, have kids, have a great time but just don't lose sight of what your other half is feeling...I did and it's all fucked up.
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