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    graysonavich wrote:
    It can swing both ways though. I was in a similar situation with an on-off female friend for a number of years. It was never really the right time for "us", we were perfect for each other though. I've never felt so comfortable around someone like I did with her, nor have I since. We were both too stubborn and enjoyed keeping each other at dangling distance. Long story short, she's engaged to someone else, has a house with him, and I haven't spoken to her in over 5 years, and I'm never likely to ever again.

    TLDR: Be a bastard, take your chance or you'll regret it.

    Just like to say that I subscribed to this school of thought and well, it's been a year without contact. Ho hum.

    (Restraining order's a bitch XD)

    Seriously though, we were really good friends during college, emailed back and forth over the years (eight-ish) and had those "There's no-one else for me"-type feelings. Heard she split up with her BF of seven years (engaged for two) and about 6 months after, I couldn't help myself so Man'd the fuck up and asked her out, no bullshit like declaring my feelings or anything like that. Well, she told me she didn't feel the same way and she was already shacked up with someone else already :o
    That was about a year ago and we've not been in contact since.

    Do I regret it? Not on your life. Shit happens as they say.
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