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    espadachin wrote:
    Whizzo wrote:
    Research Labs will never be played in Retrieval on any server I host.

    It's so completely and utterly unbalanced it's untrue.
    i agree
    /was also on the losing team :(

    i also call a vote for soloman and majortom to never, EVER be on the same team again, or both on my team ;)

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    Seriously, I agree with Whizzo 100% about retrieval on research labs. I can see why no-one plays it now, its stupidly easy to just lock Bravo's spawn down completely. That's some piss-poor level design right there.

    For some reason they designed the map so that Bravo's route out of the spawn leads down a narrow tunnel with almost no cover, that's far too long to throw grenades down. A couple of players from alpha can just camp at the end of the tunnel and pick everyone off!

    I bet it really sucks on team sharpshooter. No wonder no-one plays it.

    I'm sure me and soloman were on the same team and lost a few times on LVU campus :)

    Fantastic games, though. I'd love to say i'll be on tonight but that'd be a bald-faced lie, probably won't be able to play again until mon/tues. This game really comes into its own once you get good 14-player games going.

    repairmanjack wrote:
    Furbs wrote:I've tried the SCAR, hated it. Theres no way its as accurate as the G3 despite the stats.

    Not as annoying as getting drilled by a sub-machine gun from right across the map. Surely the range on those things needs addressing?

    Don't see much use for the sniper rifle in this game, either. Maps are just too small to make it effective.

    SMGs are surprisingly accurate in this game - I swear by the laser sight, personally. From what i've heard, it just boosts the gun's 'accuracy' stat, and makes the crosshair contract much quicker when you stop moving. If you're a mobile player who likes to move around the map alot its essential, I reckon.

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