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    Agent_Llama wrote:
    The tips on defeating Sepulchre are appreciated but I'm endlessly whacked by the hands, I don't see where you're supposed to stand to avoid it. Whenever I try it I end up with no health drinks left. As for the section *after* that boss...
    Stand far enough so you don't target his head, but close enough to attack his arms and dodge+direction of hand he uses. Sorry if that's not anymore helpful, but I can't tell you much more than that, really =\

    I'm finding this game to be absolutely solid, but I'm surprised how much you lot are burning through your recovery items. I've only used 4 Health Drinks and I've just defeated the second boss. (Though, I have died a fair bit!)

    Agent_Llama, may I ask which section you had trouble with? :) Is it the Schisms after Wheeler disappears?
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