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    nickthegun wrote:
    Razz wrote:

    I'm off to Ko Tao, Ko Samu

    Having been to Koh Tao and Koh Samui quite recently, I would say if you value your life, get a taxi everywhere or hire a car.

    There are loads of Vitaras out there.

    If you arent an experienced rider, you will be in hospital within a week.

    A lot of the roads arent finished or dirt, people actively try to run you over, motorbike riders ride on the pavement if the road is busy and there are loads of pissed up brits showing off to their mates/girlfriends.

    It really isnt worth it.

    For info, my mate hired a scooter in Phi Phi. He got knocked off it and the following car ran over his arm and broke it in four places.

    Taxis are literally 2 or 3 quid, so, IMHO, it really isnt worth the risk.

    I am an experienced rider, and nickthegun is spot on.

    On Koh Samui I hired a sort of trail bike for the day. Asked for a helmet: they didn't have one. No protective clothes either. Just sandles and shorts.

    F_cking terrifying.

    That evening end up talking to a dutch bar owner who walked with crutches who said he was pootling along on his bike, turned a corner to find someone had dug a 6 foot deep hole in the "road". He almost died.
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