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    Hmm. Maybe this is a good place to ask this - does anyone know what's up with the R2 DVD releases of "The Vision of Escaflowne?" They've gone up to volume 5 and...stopped. I can't find any information anywhere, nor any kind of contact info for the UK distributers.

    It's stopped on a flippin' annoyin' cliffhanger, too. :-)

    Um. ObTop Five:

    1 - Cowboy Bebop - this is, quite simply, brilliant. I'm in awe of the storytelling technique.

    2 - Serial Experiment Lain - very, very weird to the point of incoherence at times. One of those love/hate things: I love it.

    3 Neon Genesis Evangelion - naturally :-)

    4 - Revolutionary Girl Utena - Probably a little girly for some, but they look at some twisted stuff along the way...

    5 - Noir - Stylish. Very. Probably a bit empty and slow in places, but still worth your time.
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