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    "I'm going to be accused of trolling (and I'm not, I do think the game looks good), but I think this is MS's answer to LBP, done in 3D and using the Banjo characters. It would explain the shift in gameplay compared to the previous titles in the series. Even the name, Nuts & Bolts, implies a game focused on creating things."

    My thoughts exactly.

    This isnt the first time Microsoft instructs studio's working for them to copy games that are on a competitor system, Blue dragon and Lost Odyssey are also an example of 2 games that are microsofts copies of Dragon quest and Final fantasy respectively.

    However, they seem to have forgotten a couple of important things, in LBP, platforming and having fun in 4-player co-op is the main component of the game, since its 2D, you wont be spending any time looking for parts, you will eventually get them as you progress, and when you finish all the levels in the games, you can create more levels, share them and download other user-created levels.

    In Banjoo, they actually implemented the 'creation' part in the game, i.e you 'must' make a vehicle if you wish to progress, and this is hardly any more attractive or addictive than creating your stand-alone world after you finish the game.

    Microsoft shouldve just let Rare do there thing, the entire vehicle just seems too forced.

    Will still have to wait to hear about online, i,m certain though that they,l make you share vehicles online. we'l see how that turns in the end.
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