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    ruggedtoast wrote:
    I got FFVIII [...] enjoyed some bits but it had worn out its welcome by the time the final fight loomed. [...] I then realised that there was nothing whatsoever going to happen that would add anything to the dull characters or plot that would render grinding away through the last bit worthwhile, so I gave up. Right at the end, after hours of play.
    That's particularly tragic, since FF8 has one of the better ending sequences of the later series games, with some decent payoffs in terms of plot elaboration, character development and overall conclusion. And the 'home video' sequence during the credits is inspired =)

    For what its worth, I'd advise that you at least watch the whole ending sequence on YouTube (about 30-40 mins total, from the final deathblow on Ultimecia, if I recall), as it really does wind the story up nicely. Then again, if you didn't feel anything for the characters after all that play time, I guess watching the ending isn't going to add all that much for you.
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