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    Oh, the "no towns/too linear" subject again? I knew about those aspect of the game before buying it. I'm glad I didn't find out the hard way...

    Scimarad wrote:
    One of FFXII's best points were the fantastic cities (Archades and Rabanstre especially) and the large open areas. FFXIII is simply a different game and not only are the things unessential to the game, they just probably would simply not work due to the pace of the game.

    All I can say is, if the lack of those things is ruining FFXIII for you then just don't play it. Play Lost Odyssey, Vesperia, Blue Dragon or White Knight Chronicles. There is always a love/hate divide with each new FF; Just put yourself in the hate camp for this one and wait for the next one...

    And, not aiming at anyone in particular, but I do wish people wouldn't say "It's shit" when what they clearly mean is "I didn't like it"...

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