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    squarejawhero wrote:

    Ah, I read this and gave it a go on VGA. I'd had it set to 1366x768 and put it down to 1280x720. There's still some very minor tearing here and there but otherwise rock solid and not the flicker fest it once was. Nice fix! Thanks!

    Excellent. Glad it helped someone else.

    JetSetWilly wrote:

    If it were my TV then wouldn't every game tear like crazy at 1366x768 over VGA? I've plenty of games than run fine at that. In fact the only games I've seen horrible tearing in are this and Dead Rising.

    Anyhow, TV won't accept 720p over VGA for some reason so I guess I'm stuck with it.

    I dont have VGA but worth trying 720p with component cable if you dont have HDMI. Its funny you mention dead rising as RE5 uses an updated version of the same engine I think.
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