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    Calgon wrote:
    46 pipeline architechture? well its 48 and as I understand it, they aren't described as pipes anymore because they arent fixed function(48ALUs, to be shared between vertex and pixel shading, vertex shading is where it could excel most, so we could see advanced geometry and texure effects).

    DX10? not exactly.. it falls short in some respects and goes beyond it in others(things specific to 360 apparently, MEMEXPORT and the many things that can be acheived in one pass such as displacement mapping), thats one advantage MS will have, they know exactly where the technology is going.

    The only major feature missing from the hardware stoping it from reaching DX10 level is geometry shaders(which means geometry shading is not supported natively... but is still possible) but with the unique MEMEXPORT(which means the unified shaders can read and write to and from the memory, both the unified RAM and eDRAM) and the unique ability to lock the cpu cache, so that one of the Xenon cores can talk directly to the GPU, it's evident that MS had a solution in mind from the begining. Theres alot that MS and ATI want to keep under wraps for obvious reasons, but this sounds like very unique hardware in some respects(for the time being), with unique tools and development environment(Carmack has fallen in love with this part... infact he's switched his primary focus from PC developement to 360 developement for this reason)

    So what I was leading to was part correct then.... MS has a Machine that will come alive when the ps3 finally comes out ... Now wonder Sony are holding back... Need better hardware dev time to match or beat em.
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