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    asphaltcowboy wrote:
    Well, I got this to go with my new PS2... is it really necessary to play on Normal? I've tried both, and they're both hard ;) Any one got any good tips/techniques for combo-ing? Tried mixing things up (square loads, then a charged up punch followed by a barrel kick and stuff like that), but I still suck quite a lot :)

    Use guard breaker! Then pummel them (spanking ftw). Also, use the move Yes Man Kablaam and taunts to boost your God Hand meter. Probably the biggest initial mistake I made was to not use my God Hand anywhere near enough.

    Also, barrel kick sucks, it's really far too slow. Find a better 'launch' move ASAP.

    This game is brilliant. It's like they literally just lifted an old-skool 90's beat-em-up and dropped it into a 3D world.

    EDIT: and, yes, for the love of god, play it on normal!

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