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    asphaltcowboy wrote:
    Right, well, I'm at the first boss(es) the too camp black guys in the warehouse and they're kicking my arse (admittedly I haven't tried many times yet). They're really quite tough. Cheers for the tips Paul, I'll have a little experiment - Don't think I've got the "Yes Man Kablaam" move yet. As for taunts, can you use then any time? Is there an ideal to do them?

    Oh, fuck, yeah, those guys. You won't have Yes man kablaam by then, from what I remember. The best strategy with those two is to try and use a launch-type move to blast one of them away, then go to work on the other one with a guard breaker (and, ideally, one of those awesome circle-bashing 'pummel' moves).

    and, naturally, use your god hand as soon as you get it! It'll probably recharge once or twice over the course of the fight.

    Yes Man Kablaam is basically a move that massively charges up your GH meter if you can get it to connect (even if it gets blocked or slipped). The best time to do it is when an enemy's 'dazed' - you can get two or three in if you remember to 'cancel' it (by dodging just after it lands).

    Taunting is a bit riskier, as you have to wait for the taunt to completely finish, and you have to be facing them. You can tell you got it right when you see steam rising from enemies' heads. I doubt you really need it for this fight, though.

    Taunting also makes the 'level gauge' go up alot quicker too. So you quickly find yourself on lvl. DIE and get totally raped. Not fun!

    I played this game too much.

    EDIT: Also, yeah, Dan, there is barely any story. You have the GOD HAND. There is a man with a DEVIL HAND. You must PUNCH AND KICK HIM. (actually, there's a bit of a plot. But that's the gist of it).

    Did Double Dragon or Final Fight have a story?

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