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    PES_Fanboy wrote:
    Machiavel wrote:
    He took pity on them. They're born in trees, and so the library is a vast refined 'forest' - their destroyed home. Hence the doctor leaves them their 'forest' and promises no humans will go there, as long as the 4,022 get out.

    Aye, that I could see, I just didn't see how leaving them a deserted, uninhabited libraryplanet with no animal life on would be grounds for them to negotiate with him.

    But, he's Jesus II.

    he did assume that they'd travelled to the library planet for a purpose of their own volition so it's conceivable that he assumed that left to their own devices they could make they way in less concentrated numbers to other planets' shadows and forests and live as they'd previously done. Also they'd survived 100 years without a meal so can hopefully use the energy from four humans and two chicken legs to get by for a little bit
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