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    Darth_Flibble wrote:
    The story had potiential but was like the scribblings of a fanboy who has too much sugar and caffeine while writing some fanwank.

    +1 that was exactly my feeling.

    It wasn't horrible, but it was RTD cranking up the "earth-in-peril"-ometer up to 11.


    The best stories so far have been the ones with the fewest ingredients. The more epic the scale, and the more characters/plot twists/mcguffins that get thrown in, the less it feels like Dr Who, and the more it feels like BBC attempting to remake Independence Day with a lower budget, and a crapper script. Less is more. Someone should have told this to RTD. Maybe he doesn't give a toss any more because he's moving on, so he could throw all his plot toys out of the pram for the final time.
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